Take a look at what Norwegian Völkl rider Marius Bakken got up to this season. Kid's got a pretty mean double cork and great style on rails!

Marius Bakken is the latest rider to join the growing list of Norwegian kids who are sickeningly talented on a slopestyle course. With some heavy kicker tricks on lock including backside 12s and double corks as well as some bangers on rails like the cab 1 on, back 5 off at the 0.30 mark, 17 year old Marius is definitely one to watch over the next few seasons.

Marius has been working his way through the ranks of the European contest circuit this year, with a solid performance at the Burton European Open (which you can watch in this edit), amongst other slopestyle and pipe contests, and will no doubt be improving his skills every year.

With so many talented Norwegians coming through with impressive season edits over the last few months, including Joachim Krogstie, Bendik Gjerdalen, Kristian Lekang, Haakon Eilertsen, Markus Olimstad and many, many more, we have little doubt that the reigning kings of slopestyle in Europe will have no shortage of worthy and equally successful successors.

Yeah Marius!