Mario Käppeli dropped his season edit over the weekend, and it's a good 'un. We expected no less from the Swiss machine having filmed with We Trippy, as well as with his Boyz 'n' Toyz homeboys Tom Klocker and Mario Wanger, this season.

Rumour (instagram) has it that Mario's been out in Japan stacking up shots already this season, which is good news for us as Mario slays it on all types of terrain. There's a healthy dose of backcountry booters and Blauvelt-esque terrain hits in the four minute long wrap up.

Whilst Mario goes huge in this, it's the little tricks that make it for us. The huge powder slash ender at 02:15 that slow motion was made for, a perfect nose-butter at 00:55 and the ridiculous backside inverted 360 re-direct at 01:35 is inspired riding.

Little nuances in Mario's riding are all-time - look for the mini-pokes in some of the rotations. Clinically executed riding. Well played Mario.