It has been a fun couple of days on the mountain???? | video: @processfilms | @perisher_parks | @norwegian_snowboard_team | #Bs14 #Snowboard #PressPlay

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Here's a new one from the always entertaining Marcus Kleveland, and what we're pretty sure is a solid NBD. Backside 1440 off the knuckle anyone?!

So we already all know that Marcus is pretty damn good at spinning backside really, really fast, but at the end of his latest instagram clip, (which featured a whole bunch of ridiculous stuff anyway), you'll find a casual backside 1440 off the knuckle. Seriously though, a back 14?

Our money is definitely on Kleveland to land the first flat backside 1800 on a kicker, and at the rpm he's currently notching-up, we don't think it's too far away. Here's the trick immortalized in GIF form for your never-ending looping pleasure:

Marcus Kleveland backside 1440 knuckle