15sec from yesterday! | video: @processfilms | #PressPlay #Snowboard #UsOpen

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Big up to Norwegian young buck Marcus Kleveland for landing the first backside 1080 we've ever seen hucked off a knuckle. If you thought you could spin fast, think again.

Marcus Kleveland sure knows how to whip a spin around faster than a figure skater on speed. Marcus was out in Colorado for the US Open and snuck a few cruisers into his day in between the slopestyle contest.

Check out some really, really fast spinning in this 15 second insta edit by Process Films and don't miss the first backside 1080 off a mogul we've ever seen. The real question is, how does he not get dizzy? Frontside 1080 straight after to counter it?

While it's definitely not the most stylish trick that's ever been landed, it's still pretty damn impressive, and just a bit of fun after all.

Take a closer look at a buttered version of the trick below:

Fun riding the park here in Vail, and the #UsOpen course is really good! | video: @emilulsletten | #PressPlay #Fun

A video posted by Marcus Kleveland (@marcuskleveland) on