Young Norwegian ripper Marcus Kleveland has been on an absolute tear this past winter. With an instagram account that's loaded with 1080s off bumps, drag lift wizardry and plenty more spinny, flippy madness, Marcus sure knows how to build a following in the digital age.

Marcus Keleveland may only be 16 years old, but he's already got the board control and technical ability of someone far longer in the tooth. In this new edit, presumably cut together by his dad Eivind, (and set to a remix of that Ed Sheeran song, we might add), Marcus drops some tricks that are pretty difficult to even comprehend.

What's 100% clear is that Marcus has truly mastered the art of spinning and flipping fast. Don't miss the double crippler off what is effectively a bump at the 1 minute mark, or what could very well be the smallest ever triple cork ever landed at 1.27.

Insane stuff!