Solid season edit from 18 year old Italian snowboarder Marc Grossgasteiger.

Marc Grossgasteiger is from the South Tyrol region of Italy and has dropped his 2013/2014 season recap edit. Marc has got a really solid set of kicker legs and hit some big jumps this season, both in the backcountry and the park.

Hi, I'm 18 years old and i come from South Tyrol (ITALY) and this is my winter recap 2014. It was a lot of work! I have spent a lot of time for searching the spots and building them up. But every day was such a fun day and i love to do it again and again.

Look out for some doubles into powder, some solid rail tricks and a picture perfect backside 9.

After a whole slew of Norwegian season edits, we have to admit it's refreshing to see a good one from another part of Europe. As much as we're down with scandinavians being sick at snowboarding, it would get a bit boring if all the contests in Europe were dominated by them right?

Marc here has got some skills for sure and we're hyped to see what he can bring to snowboarding in the future.