Rusty Ockenden is one of the brightest talents out of the Whistler region in the last few years. Check his heavy full part from the excellent 'The Man Boys' series.

Rusty Ockenden has been quietly coming up in Whistler over the past few seasons and is now a full-blown charger. Don't take his wild appearance as an indication of his snowboarding, which is as calculated and refined as a german accountant's books.

Rusty's full part from 'The Man Boys' series features some awesome snowboarding in it, from the powder slashes and pillow drops to the man-sized backcountry booters that he sends it off.

Hit play and enjoy some classic backcountry snowboarding from a modern day Whistler icon.

Rusty likes to eat curry and do squats and beat the shit out of Sub Zero. Here is his best footage from last year. It’s awesome, but if you don’t like it that’s totally fine. If you do like it, then give us a call! We’d love to chat in great detail about your taste and how refined it is.