Check Luke Zajac killing it in his 2014-2015 edit that's in his words is "Not a Season Edit".

We spend a lot of time talking about 'the future' in snowboarding. Be it the direction the sport is headed, the riders who will eventually be making waves, or the state of the industry, it seems part of our nature to be fixated on extracting meaning from our own swirling crystal balls.

It's a pretty bold claim to say that any partcular young rider will represent 'the future' of an entire subset of snowboarders, but what we will say is that in the case of Luke Zajac (and the hoardes of Trollhaugen kids who have, and will continue to, come before and after him), we're dealing with a great deal of talent here. We look forward to seeing how that talent manifests itself in the coming years.

Random semi-philsophical musings over. Go watch this kid rip!