Check out 13 year old Luke Winkelmann's snowflex edit, shot over just a two week period. This kid's got good style and a pretty extensive bag of tricks!

With winter now all but a distant memory, it can be easy for your mind to drift away from snowboarding towards warmer, less snowy pastimes, like beach volleyball, or unicycling.

But it's well worth remembering that just because there's no snow anymore, it doesn't mean you can't still go snowboarding.

Snowflex is one such option and following on from Jason Anderson's super sick dryslope edit, we've got another young dryslope rider here in the form of 13 year old Luke Winkelmann.

Luke's got some tech rail tricks on lock and a good variety of grabs to mix up his riding, and although the ender trick leaves quite a bit to be desired (it's usually a good idea to put your best trick at the very end), there is some real good snowboarding here.