Ludwig Lejkner has long been on our list of favourite riders to watch, and while some used to say he should spend more time hitting kickers and shit, we're really glad he doesn't! Especially if he continues to put out street parts as heavy as this one.

With his signature laid back style, a heavy music choice and every spot getting crushed, Ludde smashed it this year. We'll be honest and admit that we had TacoTrips 'Bee's Knees' on repeat over the holidays mostly for this ender part, but now it's here in all it's glory for you get straight to it. Click play already! It's the dog's bollocks.

Ludde is a boss in the streets and isn't slowing down for anyone, you just have to listen out for the whoops of stoked-ness at 2:56 on the long-ass step down green rail to realise that if your rolling with this guy, you gotta keep up! 1000, 1000!!

Presented by Analog Clothing & Picture Organic Clothing

Filmed and edited by Dennis Ylikangas with additional filming by Mikael Norrman, Alex Weir, Andreas Olofsson, Elmar Bossard, Kristofer Fahlgren & Johannes Brenning