Did you know that Lib Tech also make skateboards? This full part from Ky Siljeg is the ender of Lib Tech's skate movie 'Lib Tech's Third Leg...Video', and it absolutely rips: flowing lines, fast tricks and plenty of innovation.

It's definitely not snowboarding, but there's no denying that it's 100% summer time and many of us will be taking to our skateboards in between trips out to the glaciers, (which, if you didn't get the memo, you should definitely be doing!)

Lib Tech are more well known as purveyors of fine snowboard technology but they also have a skate department in which they manufacture some of the toughest, most bomb-proof decks on the planet.

This year they went on a road trip of sorts across the US ripping parks and spots with a feverish tenacity and Sky Siljeg scored the ender with his explosive style and quick-footed tricks. Although this isn't snowboarding, w felt that a lot of you would be able to relate to Sky's style and thought this part was too good not to share.

From Lib Tech:

A one of a kind approach to skating, amazing flowing style with savage explosive tendencies, this is Sky Siljeg's ender part from Lib Tech Skateboards third Leg..video.

Lib Tech Skateboards went from Seattle to Texas shredding parks and spots with technologically tougher boards that don't break. They filmed the whole thing and made a video, their third Leg...video.