Check out some all terrain crushing from Leanne Pelosi in her full Vision Airs part for 2013/2014. Whether it's street, big mountain lines or powder kickers, Leanne hits it all!

Leanne Pelosi is one of the most rounded female riders out there right now. Whether it's hitting street rails in Sweden with the Too Hard girls or squashing pillows in the BC backcountry, Leanne has got both breadth and depth in her riding.

Her new full part proves this, pulling together all of her a-grade shots from her recent 'Vision Airs' web series, and is just over 4 minutes of great snowboarding from a woman who is well and truly on top of her game right now.

Vision Airs web series is about Leanne Pelosi riding with snowboarders who have a capability to see beyond their current reality. These 'vision airs' exude creativity and style. Inspired through infectious energy, the best moments of Leanne Pelosi's season are delivered in one edit as her full part. Enjoy.