House of 1817 just put out a crazy sick re-edit of Cody Beiersdorf's Keep The Change 'Roll Call' part. This kid's riding is about as proper as it gets!

When it comes to street rails, Cody Beirsdorf is a beast. House of 1817 just remixed and remastered his 'Roll Call' part from last year and what you'll witness when you hit play is some of the most proper, effortless street snowboarding you'll watch all month.

Cody has been helping to fly the flag for street snowboarding in the Mid West for a little while now and is one of the most promising riders in the game right now.

From his super lazy 270s to squared-off boardslides through serious kink rails (how gnarly is that curved down flat down at 1.23?), Cody is one seriously talented Minnesotan.