Check out Krister Ralles' full part from the new Bald E-Gal movie 'Hooks & Hammers'. This is what happens when you ride with Dan Brisse, kids!

While you may not have heard of Krister Ralles, this dude from Minnesota has been turning heads for the past few seasons with his brand of stylish, technical snowboarding on giant features.

If you can somehow imagine what the illegitimate lovechild of Dan Brisse and Bjorn Leines would be, Krister would be that dude. You'll notice the influence that these guys have on Krister just by looking at some of the spots he hits in his part. From big gaps to wallrides, sketchy looking closeouts and technical rail tricks, Krister can do it all.

The ender in this part is pretty next level too. That donkey dick rail may not look like that much, but when you think of yourself gapping onto it, you can only begin to imagine what could go wrong if you don't perfectly...