Klaudia Medlova has been making waves in snowboarding this year, and her new season edit is filled with some of the finest female riding we've seen in a long time.

2016 has been a phenomenal season for women's snowboarding. We've seen multiple contest 900s, stylish 720s and even a smattering of double corks and 1080s. But of course it's not all about the tricks. Style is as important as ever in snowboarding and for us, 2016 really feels like the year when the ladies have started to bring the bigger tricks to the table without mindlessly hucking. Klaudia Medlova is perhaps one of the best examples of this in action.

Featuring some heavy rail tricks, some seriously sick tweaks and grabs (front 7 chicken salad?) a massive frontside 1080 and double front 1080 (both new ones for Klaudia) as well as the huge double backside rodeo that brought her into the spotlight a couple of seasons back, this is one edit you really can't afford to miss. One of the best things about Klaudia is that she rides every session with a massive smile on her face, while always sending it as deep as possible on the landings.

We're calling it now: if you don't know it already, Klaudia Medlova is a name that will become very familiar in snowboarding over the next few years!