We posted up a Griffin MacFadyen season edit almost exactly a year ago, and we've just been sent his brand new one. There's some really solid stuff here from the 12 year old!

While his outerwear hasn't had an update since last year, his riding certainly has, with young Griffin hitting some really decent sized jumps with great control. It's sick to see kids locking in their grabs rather than just hucking and hoping, and Griffin's got it down to a science.

Griffin's switch game is on-point too, with cab and switch backside 720s and a bunch of solid tricks on rails. Don't miss the frontside 360 truckdriver grab switch-up at the 2.24 mark - blink and you'll miss it!

Not bad at all for a kid whose age is more appropriate for dragging his parents to Toys 'R' Us for the latest Star Wars Lego set than chucking huge 720s on his snowboard...

Sick stuff!