Kevin Trammer is a young Belgian dude who has been turning a lot of heads this season. Watch him rip through the Mayrhofen park with technical rail tricks and some smooth hits on the pro-line in his new edit.

We've been hearing a lot about Kevin Trammer through the grapevine recently, and have been waiting to check out a proper edit from him for a while now.

Kevin is a 20 year old dude from Belgium who has spent the past couple of seasons shredding in Mayrhofen. Kevin unexpectedly won the Volcom Peanut Butter and Rail Jam finals in Mammoth last year, and with the kind of rail tricks that he's got on lock, it's not difficult to see why.

Don't miss his backside 180 on, switch backside 360 off, his switch backside 50-50 cab 360 off, or that hardway backside 270 on to fakie. Tech shit for sure! Turns out he's not just a rail rat either, with some solid kicker hits in between the metal sorcery as well.

Remember the name, this kid's on the come-up!