Check out Dutch weirdo Kas Lemmens' insanely good full part from the most recent Random Bastards movie 'Daggers'. Kid's blowing up!

Kas Lemmens may be just another kid to emerge from Holland's flatlands, but his unique style and attitude to snowboarding is anything but generic.

This past season, Kas put out not one, but two full parts: one in Random Bastards' 'Daggers' and the other in the excellent 'Periscoping' by Postland Theory.

Take a look at the former part here for some tech tricks from Kas including switch back blunt 270, a cab 3 on and a properly twisted backside 270 to fakie. Heavy stuff indeed.

Be sure to look out for Kas' part in the forthcoming Postland movie 'Connect The Dots'.

Cameo appearance by Nejc Ferjan.