We've been hit up by an Estonian-come-Finnish rider called Kaili Randmäe, who has sent us over this wee number from Stubai, Hintertux, Mayrhofen and Kaltenbach. Not bad for a spring trip eh?

Right. Before we get properly to this, lets clear up the elephant in the room.

Yes, we know it could be cleaner. There's for sure some tidying up to do with the arms, and with the body position. We're sure Kaili knows that, and is working on it. However, there's some tight tricks in there if she can tidy them up and begin to master them more.

We debated whether to post this for a while and reckoned that we should because there's fantastic potential from Kaili there, and how often do we post girl edits? And when we do post girl edits, they're normally from established riders - so how are other girls gonna get support?

So with a bit of work, Kaili could be a really decent rider. With some time on tidying up the basics, and getting some more board control, we reckon she could do some good things for snowboarding in the Baltics.

She's certainly not lacking in pop, or sheer...err...ballsiness.