Congratulations to Justin Fronius, who has just turned pro for DC snowboarding. A well deserved promotion for one of the most promising rail destroyers in the game right now.

It's been a pretty incredible season for Justin Fronius, the mild-mannered Minnesotan whose stomping ground is shared with some of the world's finest rail riders. Justin scored the ender of Videograss' 'The Last Ones' and also took down Snowboarder Mag's Rookie of the Year award.

DC have rightly bumped him up to their stacked pro-team roster, where he joins the likes of Devun Walsh, Torstein Horgmo and Travis Rice. And with some major vocal props from Devun in his remixed Videograss part, doubling up as his 'Welcome To The Pro Team' edit, we're clearly not the only ones who can see Justin's potential.