Watch Julius Petrik putting down some Slovakian hammers in his 2014 season edit.

It's been a pretty challenging winter season over in the Eastern European countries, with little snow and sketchy weather making it difficult to get out into the streets for filming.

Julius Petrik hails from Slovakia and set out in the streets of Margecany and Štrbske Pleso to log some footage for a 2013/2014 snowboard part. He may not have had the chance to film on many different spots but still managed to put some tricks down when it counted and has dropped a pretty sick part for us to scope. Look out for some clean 270s, front blunts, 360 outs and much more on some grimy looking Slovak spots.

It's always rad to see new stuff out of Eastern Europe and the Czech and Slovakian scenes have been producing some talented riders over the past few seasons. Stay tuned for more from this rather overlooked, but super promising region on the European snowboard map.