Josh Zerkel may be a Burton Knowbuddy, but he sure as hell ain't a nobody. Check out his latest season edit for some silky smooth tricks in the park and streets.

Burton's Knowbuddy program, featuring a whole bunch of North American freestyle am riders, is absolutely packed to the rafters with raw talent, with guys such as Tommy Gesme, Brett Wilkinson and Brady Lem repping hard.

Josh Zerkal, out of Seven Springs Resort is also on board with the Knowbuddys and puts down some stylish park and street tricks in his 2014 season edit. We were particularly hyped on the frontside 180 on switch back 3 off on the gas pipe feature at 00.29 - always rad to see some unconventional and creative lines on park features.

Check out another Knowbuddy, Tommy Gesme's recent season edit here. Kid's got the illest style.