A solid 5 months ago now, Dutch snowboarder Joris Ouwerkerk dropped this video showing him stomping the bejesus out of a textbook backside triple cork 1440 in Mayrhofen.

It's pretty damn legit we have to say, with three defined corks and none of that slight shoulder dipping that has been called incorrectly in many a contest over the last few years.

Somehow, we totally missed this one when it dropped and from what we can tell, Joris is the first Dutch snowboarder to join the triple club. Pretty impressive we have to say, considering Holland is about as flat as Paris Hilton's singing voice.

Joris joined us at our annual Send Off Session in Stubai back in May, although managed to concuss himself pretty bad early on in the week, which meant that he didn't really get a chance to hit the massive kicker that we'd pulled together out there.

Although triple corks are a dime a dozen these days, it's still no easier to go upside down three times while spinning a 1440 from when Torstein landed the first one, so credit where credit is due!