Finnish jibber Joonas Eloranta just fired over this tasty little edit featuring a bunch of leftover footage from a trip to Ruka, Finland.

If you go to the bother of getting a dude to film you ride, it would be a massive waste to not use the footage right? Finnish rail crusher Joonas Eloranta agrees, and has chopped together some unused shots from a trip to Ruka:

I spent ten days in Ruka last spring and filmed there a lot of footage, some of which were never used anywhere. Throwing away the footage wasn’t an option, so that is why I came up with the idea of making this edit.

With some technical switch ups, some proper presses and a heavy backside 270 to fakie, we're pretty stoked that these clips ended up making it into the big bad internet world - leftover or not, there's some gold here. Why nobody thought these clips were not worthy of being in other edits? We're not sure.