After releasing Johan Rosen's creamy and powder-filled full part, Snackbreak just dropped Joonas Eloranta's banging opener from Deviate.

"My last season was all time in many ways. We started off by going to Canada in mid-January, where we filmed both street in Salmon Arm and little bit of powder in Revelstoke area. I wasn't really getting it in the powder zone but luckily snowy conditions in Salmon Arm and Finland made it possible to get this piece of work done in just two months. During the filming, I also worked as a part-time kindergarten teacher so I pretty much devoted those months to this project and I'm happy with the result."

My part was mostly filmed by Tommi Ollikainen, Johan Rosen and Andy James and it's edited by Tommi Ollikainen. There is also a short cameo by @joelcantle from @oddfolks.