Swedish ripper Jonathan Lindhe with a ridiculously sick full part in the most recent Random Bastards flick, 'Daggers'. Kid's blowing shit up all over the place!

Jonathan Lindhe could very well be one of the most underrated Swedish riders out there at the moment and his full part in 'Daggers' is all the proof you need. He slays in the streets and is also more than capable of pointing and hucking on scarily big jumps. This part is hammers from start to finish and you'd do well to look out for Jonathan throwing down at a street spot near you.

This season, Jonte has been filming with the Taco Trip crew alongside Ludde Lejkner and Zebbe Landmark, because regrettably there will be no Random Bastards movie this year (sad faces all-round). Be sure to check that movie out when it comes out in the fall - it's set to be one of the best flicks to drop from Sweden next season.