Gonna kick this one off with an apology. Johan Nordhag sent this to us a few weeks back, and we completely blanked it. So, Johan, we're sorry; you deserve better than this, especially with that axis shattering backside 360 at 0:30 in. You just hit the kill button on the rotation, and floats it down like eagle swooping in on prey. Kudos.

That stalefish to melon switch up on the front 3 had us tripping a little bit as well - not only is that stale so poked you'd think it should be served on a kebab, but it's not so often you see a stale to melon switch up. Must be a Swedish thing alongside Sven Thorgren's cab 12 nosebeef that was unleashed this season to devastating effect.

Johan seems to have joined Svenny for some Riksgransen quarterpipe madness as well. Good to see some tranny action featuring in edits this season, seems like it's been away for too long. All in all, a fairly solid edit from Mr Nordhag, although we'd like to have seen a little more action on the rails from the man.