Still pining for those last few jibs but have got no snow anywhere around you? Why not hit up a dryslope? Check out Jason Anderson's snowflex edit.

This edit featuring Jason Anderson was shot at Snowflex in Lynchburg, VA which, by the looks of it, is a really decent looking dryslope. With a huge variety of rails and kickers it certainly looks like there are no shortage of lines to be had - not to mention the fact that you can ride it all year round.

Dryslope riding has been a huge part of the snowboard scenes in places like the UK where actual mountains and real snow are much harder to come by, and have given rise to some truly world-class snowboarders - take Jamie Nicholls, who cut his teeth at Halifax dryslope, for example.

Watch Jason Anderson getting creative on this sick looking dryslope set up in VA, with some solid jib tricks, a spot of gravel pressing and some unusual lines on the features.

Looks pretty fun right? And although anyone who has ever tried riding on an artificial snow surface will be able to tell you that they definitely feel quite a bit different compared with the real thing, any facility that means you can snowboard 365 days a year has got to be a good thing right?