Janne Lipsanen's full part from KBR's 'King Cobra' is the very definition of well-rounded. Street spots, backcountry kickers and park booters, Janne slays it all.

KBR's latest movie 'King Cobra' was one of the defining European movies of the past season, pulling together a selection of Finland's finest rail riders into a slick, creative production, set to killer tunes.

After Toni Kerkela's ender part dropped last week, we're proud to follow it up with Janne Lipsanen's outstanding effort. There aren't many snowboarders out there these days who can stake a claim to being a true all-rounder, but Janne is certainly gives it his best shot here.

In his full part you'll find technical tricks on streets rails, backcountry double corks and a smattering of park kicker shots, and while a rider who is equally at home on rails as he is in the backcountry may be an increasingly uncommon thing to see in snowboarding, it's still as refreshing as ever.

Watch all of the KBR 'King Cobra' full parts below: