Don't read this, just hit the play button. You don't have any time to waste because Janne Lipsanen's full part from Grindhouse 'Afterlife' is online for 48 HOURS ONLY. Get it watched because Janne is the man and straight up killed it last year!

But don't just watch it once. You could just pay for the full movie like when you used to buy DVD's and have it forever. The whole movie. Right here. £5.99. That's like a pint and a packet of pork scratchings. Don't be an idiot. Buy the full movie, get all your mates round, tell them to bring the beers and watch 26 minutes of pure, unadulterated, incredibly amazing snowboarding from the one and only Grindhouse Crew. It's their fourth full length and it's the best, so watch this banger part from Janne, get stoked and download the full movie.

Full movie presented by: Monster Energy

Full movie sponsored by: K2 Snowboards, Rome Snowboards, Smokin Snowboards and Endeavor Snowboards.

Music: ‘Babar’ Performed by Part Company.