Jamie Nicholls has just dropped the edit from his recent Signature Session at The Snow Centre in Hemel.

While most other snowboarders are stashing their boards away for the summer and chilling by swimming pools with a cold one, Jamie Nicholls is back in the UK shaping and shralping in a fridge.

After he got a bunch of new tricks on lock at his last session, The Snow Centre at Hemel Hempstead hosted a signature session for Jamie and constructed a super sick multi-hit feature for him to session.

Predictably, Jamie brought the hammers, with tricks like back 270 fakies, cab 2 back to regs and a mind-blowing cab hardway 450 on ender.

We've typed it before and we'll type it again, Nicholls has got some serious jib game and we're looking forward to seeing what he'll bring to the rail jams of 2014/2015.

Film/edit: Max Presky