Legit urban parts from female riders are few and far between – and it's even rarer for a girl that's not been on our radar to blow our minds on the streets. But Ivika did just that. Bangers from this Netherlands-based Estonian!

We knew precious little about this girl so we asked her to tell us a little about herself: "I’m originally from Estonia and I’m 26. Since I moved to Holland this summer I have mainly been riding indoors over there. Before that I used to do a couple of months at Bear or Mammoth during a season. Last year was the first year for me to try and travel to film streets. I spent a month-and-a-half in Quebec where I got a chance to film a little bit with the Headstones boys, it was such a great experience!

"Also, Postland Theory has been helping me out with filming from time to time, really thankful for that! I filmed with the Jetpack girls as well when they were in Quebec, they’re really nice! It’s really hard to be a girl and wanting to film a street part, there’s not so many girls out there who’d want to do that! At the moment I’m filming in Finland with a couple of locals! And nope, it’s not from a movie. It was just my first year of filming project."

Smashed it!

Edit: Tim Schiphorst

Camera: Tim Schiphorst, Mikael Scremin, Alexa McCarty, Mary Rand, Henri Holland

Song: Magic potion by The Open Mind

Thank you so much Dinosaurs Will Die, Neff for the support and Postland Theory, The Headstones, Alexa McCarty, Amanda Leigh Hankison and Jetpack girls for helping me with filming!