We got sent over this mish mash of clips from Swedish metal enthusiast Hugo Wennmyr. You might remember him from his season edit last year, which had a frankly ridiculous switch backside hardway 360 to 5050.

This year, in some sort of David Benedek 'all-the-nines' homage, Hugo's stepped it again with all the 270's, back 3 to front 3 out and a plethora of mind meltingly tech tricks.

It's a good 'un, and it would be criminal not to give it a peak...

From the man himself:

Last winter was rather anticlimactic. I ended up with alot of minishred clips, nothing spectacular. It was still a nice season but something was missing. I don't know what.

Abstinence.......I'm growing restless and feel a strong yearning for snow. made this edit using clips from my Instagram.