If you haven't seen the Beta Movement movie yet, we'd highly recommend a Friday viewing. It's a super well filmed movie from a young Austrian Wes Anderson, that goes by the name of Michi Haunschmidt. In the Saharan desert that was the winter of 13/14, Michi managed to pinpoint the powder fields and stack some beautiful footage with a roster of Europe's finest.

But, if you've only got a few minutes to spare, check out Herby Thaler's full part from the movie. Herby's been on the scene for a while now and shows no intention of slowing down either. For the purists among you, there's not a rail in sight, but there's a whole heap of backcountry slashing and backside spins for days.

Herby's little tweaks and nose bones just tickle exactly the right spot for us. As he comes round on that backside 360 at about 2:40 in, just look for the bone in the spin. That's a Mikkel Bang worthy tweak right there.