We already know that Hana Beaman is an all-round certified boss lady, that charges like an angry hippopotamus after some marbles. Obviously though, she's much smaller and rides motorbike and we don't think hippo's have the clutch control for two wheeled steeds.

Hana's been killing it for more than a decade now - she's got a few X-Games silver medals adorning her trophy cabinet, alongside a TW Snowboarding rookier of the year award from 2002. All in all; she's a boss.

She's filmed with a few different crews over the years, and this year is no different with her taking centre stage in this years Too Hard movie - Tres Hard. If you haven't checked out the full film already, you can peep a view here.

Back to the matter at hand though, which is exactly how hard Hana rips. Some would say too hard, some probably tres hard, maybe a few would say exceptionally hard. As we're British though, we'll go with pretty bloody hard.

We also spent a few minutes trying to decipher the tracks strange sample. Turns out its good old Lonnie Liston Smith's 'Dreams of Tomorrow'. An interesting track choice to say the least, but in the words of Biggie "Well if you don't know, now you now....'