Check this feisty full part from Icelandic loose cannon and all-round badass Mr Halldor Helgason...

Last season was a little different for what we've come to expect from Halldor. Unlike previous years there precious little of the weekly drip-dripping of clips and shots on social media.

The reason? With Sexual Snowboarding put on the backburner, Halldor and homie Sage Kotsenburg teamed up to film for their own project and travelled the world getting busy with the boys, which resulted in the mighty fine movie, Dayumm!

Now, with Dayumm! out in the wild for a few weeks, Halldor's decided it's time to cut all his heaviest hammers from the film together in one full part, and the result is DAYUMM! good! Hit play for a facefull of bangers...


If you're after more Dayumm! good snowboarding make sure you check the full movie, and stay tuned because we're pretty sure ol' Goldenballs Sage Kotsenburg will be releasing his own full part pretty soon.