'Tis definitely the season for season edits and Norwegian Haakon Eilertsen just fired us a corker. This kid has got great style and knows how to spin really, really fast...

Haakon Eilertsen has been firmly planted on our radars as one to watch. The 18 year old from Kirkerudbakken has got that textbook Scandinavian precision style and puts down some big tricks in his season edit.

Double corks, backside 1080s and a seriously mean frontside 10 off the toes are just some of the highlights, not to mention a heavy frontside 1440 ender.

Haakon's clinical, surgeon-like style has definitely been influenced by the likes of Ståle Sandbech and Mark McMorris, and that's no bad thing. Look out for Haakon sending it in a park near you!