Watch one of our favourite Icelandic rail crushers, Gulli Gudmundsson put down hammer after hammer in his extra sick metal-backed full part from Transworld's 'Nation'

Gulli Gudmundsson is so exciting to watch snowboard. With an explosive but super controlled style, and a huge bag of tricks on his snowboard (he kills it on a skateboard too by the way), Gulli's most recent full part is an absolute joy to watch.

Iceland is becoming more and more prominent as a legit location for shooting street rails and it's rad to see some new, unusual spots rather than the ones continually recycled in more staple European urban destinations. How these guys keep on finding new features to hit is a testament to the vast potential of Iceland for street snowboarding.

Of course, Gulli has spent the last few winters filming with his homies the Helgasons and has stacked a bunch of really good footage that appeared in their Sexual Snowboarding movies. Be sure to look out for him throwing down in their upcoming movie 'NoToBo' in the fall.

For now, hit play above to watch Gulli slay some awesome spots littered across his home country of Iceland. From kink rails to roof gaps and big drops to flat, Gulli's got it all in this part.