If GoPro's were invented for one thing only, it was to record shots like this. Watch Elias Elhardt stomp the kind of line that legitimate snowboard dreams are made of in this 3-hit brain-melter of an edit.

After a few short seasons, Elias Elhardt has quickly risen through the snowboarding's video ranks to a position where he is, at least in our opinion, a serious player when it comes to big mountain freestyle.


The German all-mountain crusher has been a definite standout in the previous two Pirate Movie Production flicks and is no stranger to charging in Alaska.

In this new POV footage from GoPro, we witness an incredible 3-hit line from atop Elias' noggin' featuring a couple of huge straight airs and a whopper frontside 360, stomped first try. It's the kind of snowboarding that we all visualise on the regs, but that very few of us will ever come close to experiencing in real life.

So sit back, get this on full screen and in the highest resolution, and immerse yourself in some mind-blowing riding from Elias.