In an inspired bit of video content, Pirate Movie Productions have decided to not only release one of the best movies of the year, but to also provide us with salivating full parts from each rider to dribble over to our hearts content.

This week it's the turn of Mr Gigi Rüf and his immeasurable talent in some of the most gnarly buttons terrain on the planet. If you didn't peep Gigi's inspired iceberg action, there's a chance to get in on the Greeland action from the offset.

Gigi's loose riding style is up there with the greats and his unique style is instantly recognisable no matter what kind of terrain he's tackling. With Elias Elhardt's and Wojtek Pawlusiak's full parts all released now there's still a few swashbucklers to go before we run outta Pirates. Fingers crossed then eh?