Eero Niemela's brand new 'Get Outta Town' full part is everything you'd expect from the BC-based Finnish backcountry veteran: powerful kicker riding, pillow squashing and pow slashing that will get you psyched to go snowboarding this winter.

Spend a day sledding around the Whistler backcountry and you may just run into Eero Niemela and the Get Outta Town crew on a powder kicker mission. Eero and his buddies have been churning out solid parts for the best part of a decade and his latest full part continues the trend.

From traditional wedge-style booters to step down's off cornices to glorious pillow lines, Eero slays everything with the compact, powerful style he has become known for. Look out for a mixture of slow, floaty spins, a super-sick frontside 720 Japan and a barrage of double corks to finish off his part.

We can't speak for you guys but this part made us want to ditch the office job and head to the hills!