For some reason we totally spaced out posting Benji Ritchie's full part from the amazing Get Outta Town series which, to be totally honest, is a crime. Benji's part is stacked with big, floaty hits in the BC backcountry and it's a welcome change to the countless park and urban edits we've seen of late.

Benji is from Quebec, Canada but makes the seasonal migration to the far snowier pastures of British Columbia (Whistler, specifically) every winter. Check out his full part above for some amzing backcountry snowboarding with everything from slow frontside 180s to frontside 1080 double corks. It's a not-so-subtle reminder that BC is really where it's at if you're looking to go out a build some man-sized booters out in the backcountry.

We caught up with Benji the other day and judging on his current plans for the season, expect a lot more amazing footage to be dropping next season!

I'm in whistler right now, we've been getting a lot of snow in the last 10 days but before that there was nothing! We did a japan trip in january that was good with lots of pow and now we are pretty much just starting to film here in BC.