Click play now and watch what is easily one of the heaviest parts of the year. Frank Bourgeois is a freak of nature!

Holy mother of the ghost of thanksgiving, Frank Bourgeois' new Brothers Factory part just threw us for a loop. Hit play above to witness some of the darned heaviest street riding we've seen all year, if not ever.

How this kid is not a bigger name in snowboarding we don't quite know, because between the massive roof drops, flips off walls, enormous transfers and much more, he damn well should be. Colour us beyond impressed.

Frank's part continues the trend of ground breaking urban parts from French Canadians that we've seen over the past few weeks, from The Headstones to Jeremy Cloutier's Bro Fac belter to Louif Paradis' ridiculously sick Deja Vu b-roll edit, and it makes us wonder what they put in their breakfast cereal over there. Speed-laced milk?

No doubt about it though, guys like Frank Bourgeois are the future of urban snowboarding.