Watch Travis Rice and friends go ballistic in the Jackson Hole backcountry in this classic part from That's It, That's All.

There's something special about watching Travis Rice throwing down in his backyard that few come close to replicating. It's perhaps his raw energy and confidence combined with an unparalleled ambition to stomp the biggest tricks that makes it so incredible to watch.

The Jackson Hole section in That's It, That's All was one of the stand out parts of that movie, with Travis teaming up with buddies Mark Landvik and Jake Blauvelt to launch an all-out assault on all of the terrain they came across. There's some massive cheese wedge booters, some huge step-down jumps and a barrage of tree taps that were pretty groundbreaking when That's It, That's All was released back in 2008.

Add to that a classic MGMT song and you have a part that was destined to go down in snowboarding's history books. Give this a watch and see if doesn't get you excited for the imminent winter season.