In this week's flashback, we take it back to 2006 with Travis Kennedy's full part from Forum's 'That'. Re-watch it for a throwback to XXL jerseys, invisible guns, some progressive mid-2000's urban snowboarding and THAT Chamillionaire song...

Back in 2006, and after several years of becoming increasingly extreme, being a straight gangsta mofo arguably reached it's pinnacle. Guys like Lucas Magoon were at their prime, crushing the streets in triple xl tees, smoking joins in their video parts and rolling around with the kind of white-boy G swag that would have earned a solid nod of approval (genuine or sarcastic...) from the biggest rappers at the time.

Travis Kennedy was holding down the look on the Forum team and scored the opening section of their highly acclaimed flick 'That'. After the amazing intro section which, for each rider's part featured a selection of other Forum riders dressed up and mirroring the rider in question, we're launched straight into Kennedy's part.

If you can get past the XXL jerseys, invisible shotgun firing and that (awfully) memorable Chamillionaire song, there is actually some seriously sick snowboarding in this part, and when this dropped almost ten years ago, it was groundbreaking.

Travis went on to have a dabble in making his own rap music in the form of Scrilla The Kid (we tried to find a song online, to no avail) and later signed to the Technine team, allowing his riding talents to continue outshining his rapping ones.

Sadly, Travis' career has since taken a sharp downward turn and he has wound up doing time in an Alaskan prison.