Marko Grilc arguably announced himself to the wider world of snowboarding with this cameo in Airblaster's cult classic, December...

Travis Parker and Andrew Crawford roadtripped around Eastern Europe for the month of December 2004 and documented the endless farting, goofing around and - occasionally - went riding. If ever there was a Marmite movie, this was it.

From a purely snowboarding stunts perspective, though, it was young Slovenian Marko Grilc who stole the show. Back then Grilo was pretty unknown beyond the borders of his home nation, but when he hooked up with Parker and Crawford he put on a masterclass of (then) contemporary kicker riding by putting down all four nines, all four sevens, and three of the 540s at a kicker session in Austria (the one time he fell in the entire time was on the switch back 5).

If you like your snowboard movies full of exploration, personality and farting, and don't mind a lack of stunts, make sure to watch the full December movie, handily broken down into a buncha separate parts for ya to snack on.