Johann Olofsson's part in Standard Films' TB5 is one touted by many as their favourite ever. It's raw, unadulterated Alaskan charging and was such a game changer back in 1995.

As a young, Swedish park ripper at the time, Johann Olofsson was well respected but still relatively unknown. In 1995 he was invited out by Standard Films on a filming trip out to Alaska. Maybe he’d get a few filler shots right? Wrong.

Johann preceded to go absolutely ballistic out there and what resulted from that trip is one of the best snowboard parts ever, without question. Nobody really expected Johann to charge as hard as he did, with such an apparent disregard for the risks involved, and the part was deemed legendary the year it was released. Although the part obviously looks pretty dated in the year 2014, with its metal soundtrack and occasional lack of a grab, it remains one of the rawest, most engaging snowboard parts ever committed to film.

It’s a section that has influenced everyone from Travis Rice to big mountain Jeremy Jones, and that balls-out 300ft in 35 seconds descent not only broke world records, but put Johann firmly in snowboarding’s illustrious history books. So badass, and an obvious entry in our 38 Iconic Moments in Snowboard History article.