Re-watch Jake Blauvelt's legendary part in the 2008 Forum movie 'Forum or Against 'Em'. It's the perfect part to get you hyped for the upcoming winter season.

Jake Blauvelt's two song ender part in 'Forum or Against 'Em' was a game changer.

Being born on the icy East Coast of the US, Jake cut his teeth on icy park booters before making the pilgrimage west to Mammoth mountain to really hone his skills. And hone them he did, winning the Burton US Open aged just 17 with Travis Rice stood next to him on the podium.

Jake's first ever part in 'Derelictica', was the beginning of his transition from contest kid to backcountry ripper, and after Forum's 'That', Jake was ready to go the full distance.

I’d rather be waiting it out in the clouds than going to some man made jump in the park. I’ve almost got a rule: if it takes more than 5 minutes to setup, then screw it. I’m gonna do what I want to do out there. If I want to go pop off from that and go do a slash, i’m gonna go do it.

In 'Forum or Against 'Em', and with an incredible snow season in which to shoot, Jake decided to ditch the shovels and only hit natural backcountry features. It was a pivotal moment in his career and really helped to define him as a snowboarder. What resulted was some of the most incredible backcountry freestyle in recent memory.

It's no easy feat simply straight airing natural features, but Blauvelt's ability to read terrain and pull the heaviest tricks off features with little to no shaping, was pretty mind blowing.

Jake earned himself a two song ender part for his endeavors and if we were recommending parts to get you hyped on the coming season, this would definitely be near the top of the list.