Re-watch a breakthrough part by one of today's biggest snowboard superstars, and one of this author's absolute favourites: Halldor Helgason's part in They Came From.

From a time not so long ago, when wearing bright, clashing colours was all the rage, something was stirring on a remote island in the Atlantic called Iceland. That thing, was Halldor Helgason. His part in 'They Came From', from the now sadly defunct Factor Films, was arguably the one that had people sit up and take note of this young, extremely talented Icelandic phenom.

With a classic Hoppipolla tune leading in the snowboarding and some of the most technical jibbing we'd ever seen at the time, this part blew the snowboard world away and put the Helgasons firmly on the map.

It's one of our favourite parts from the late 2000's and is just as good to watch years after its release. You may need to wear sunglasses for some of those outerwear choices though...