Check a pint-sized Halldor tear shit up in this gem of a Flashback from 2005...

In 2005 Halldor was a mere 14-years-old but – despite his occasional affection for a bit of good old fashioned Zeaching – it was clear this Icelandic grommet had something special going on.

Much of this part from Why Not was shot at home in Iceland – including a bunch captured at the fondly-remembered Iceland Park Project summer camp on the Snæfellsjökull glacier. The IPP had injected a dose of shred-stoke to the local groms, which was in part responsible for the emergence of riders like Halldor, his brother Eiki, Gulli Gudmundsson and Viktor ‘Helgi’ Hjartarson. With their skills developing, they shipped themselves off to Sweden's Malung snowboard school to help take their riding to the next level, and it was while over there that they'd link up with Factor Films' Petter Foshaug, appearing in his movies that would go on to cement 'Team Devine's' status as rising stars in the snowboard world. From here, Halldor would go on to film with Standard Films and the Pirates, launch Lobster, Switchback and Atrip, take over the internet and grow a mighty fine moustache.

But back then he was just a shred-stoked kid who idolised JP Walker. As the dude behind the camera exclaims after Halldor stomps his ender, "That kid is sooo good man." Indeed.